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Boiler, condenser sizing


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I have a 535 gallon process dimple jacketed process tank that I got for free out of a chocolate factory. I want to convert this into a stripping still. I was thinking of around 400-450 gallon fills. I have a welder lined up to install the top, manway and all required hardware.

About what size boiler and what style of condenser would be required for such a setup to operate in a reasonable amount of time. (4 hours per run?). Boiler will be low pressure.

Thank you for your help, i have a general idea based on the search function, just wanted to verify my findings.

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Assume 450 gallon charge starting at 85°F and then cooling the condensate to 70°F. Also assume you're going to vaporize 30% of the contents...

You'll need (212-85) * (450g*8.3lbs/g) to get to 212°F and then another 970 * (148g*8.3lbs/g) to vaporize that which you'll condense. Of course you'll need that same number of cooling BTUs to condense that vapor...

474,345 BTUs to heat to boiling

1,119,548 BTUs to vaporize

1,119,548 BTUs to condense that vapor and another 174,432 BTUs to get that condensate down to 70°F

You need to provide a total of (approx) 1.6M BTUs to vaporize a third of the initial charge. Divided into four hours you need 400,000 BTUs / hour. Assuming 80% efficient boiler you should look at a 500,000 BTU/hr boiler.

Consider these things:

- You will lose heat to the surrounding environment

- I am not a PhD thermodynamicist

Edit: Spelling

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