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Newbie, produce and distribute Belizean Rumpopo in Hayward

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My name is Mike, and I've taken the plunge in the craft distillers arena. I've spent the better of the past 2 years getting Belizean Rumpopo approved by TTB, ABC, etc... I have a DSP license,and ABC type 07 license. I do not distill, I import my rum from Florida.

Rumpopo is a rum and cream base liqueur that is a favorite belizean adult beverage. You can find a ton of recipes online, but I assure you that none compares to my father's recipe, especially when it comes down to shelf life emulsion, texture, most important taste. My product is in 3 retail location in the bay area and I'm working to increase that number. This has been a heck of a journey so far and an incredible learning opportunity.

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