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Custom Glass Botles

Robert Miller

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Why buy a stock bottle when you can have your very own custom bottle that differentiates your brand on shelf? The bottle can be embossed with your logo, name or design at no additional cost. All we need is a sketch of the bottle shape and neck finish.

Minimum Order Quantity = 10,000

Mold Cost = $2,500 (approximate)

750ml Super Flint Bottle Cost = $1.50 delivered to your warehouse (approximate)

Schedule is about 12 weeks:

1 week to make the bottle drawing

3 weeks to make the unit mold and sample the bottle

2 weeks to make production molds

2 weeks for production

4 weeks to ocean ship and deliver to your warehouse

See attached photos of custom bottles we produced in 2015. Call me at 561.818.8977 to discuss how we can help.





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