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NEW PRICE! Reduced to $39,000. USD / cash F.O.B.

Arnold Holstein 300 liter still (new)

Type SH 900 with CIP system, copper catalyst

Serial # 8164 / Made in 2007

If you contact Holstein to purchase a new still, the production wait is NINE MONTHS. You can own this NEW still tomorrow!

Click link for photos and contact info...


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I would like to come see this ASAP! Have been shopping around for a nice Arnold Holstein but I never expected one would be so close! Save me a lot on shipping. I live in the Bay Area and looking to add a new still to the lineup. Is this Arnold Holstein SH 900 still, complete? it appears electric but is it electric or steam? Do you have a forklift by chance? Trying to secure the financing so be patient as I get things together. Thank you very much!!!

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