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Plumbing Costs?

HWY 101

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One discipline required during buildout that seems to catch new distilleries with an underestimated budget item, is the cost of plumbing installation. I'd like to understand the cost everyone has realized and what hangups or surprises you experienced. Did you run copper or PEX pipe? What insulation methods did you choose? Was your focus on install cost reduction or energy conservation? etc.

If you'd like to share any related details such as still size and quantity, fermenters, mash tun, boiler and chiller proximity, etc. that impacted your plumbing costs; the more info the better.

Thank you in advance.


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While dealing with the plumbing issues, one has to very careful about the different aspects it affects. Since you are looking for the plumbing services for within your budget. One of my friends had to do the installation for her new house, so she hired a plumbing service for drainage, Trenchless plumbing in south jersey and other plumbing related works. She was very happy after the work, they did a great job and even offer for some service contract for some time as well. You can try them if in urgency.


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Biggest impact on plumbing costs was having to unexpectedly dig down through 2 slab foundations (think archaeology) a trench the length of the building, followed by having to dig up the council office walkway pavers and also unexpectedly having to do similar on the other side of the building to run a new sewer connection. All the thermal calcs and good process layouts amount to nothing compared to these blowouts.

You're focusing on the things you can control, take my lesson above as an example and focus more on the things you know knowing about. Get good advice about the location of your services and where the relevant authorities want you to connect, the earlier the better. My advisers said the connection was an easy short distance through the wall...and I accepted that. Make sure you follow up with the relevant authorities, in my case the local water authority.


PS, I ran all plumbing above ground in copper.





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