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Looking for Distillery work in the greater New York City area


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Hello, I am a graduate forensic scientist with academic laboratory and hazardous materials experience. I have a great interest in pursuing a career in distilling would like to work in the distilling industry and provide the benefit of my knowledge, experience, and interest to the industry. With my bachelors’ degree in environmental science, my two years of experience with LC-MS specifically for chemical identification and quality control, my OSHA certifications in Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER), degree in Forensic Science and experience in quality assurance, I feel I would be a valuable asset to any distillery.

Through my experience in academic laboratories I have gained extensive knowledge in laboratory procedure, quality control, and data interpretation. I have also developed skills in equipment maintenance and troubleshooting errors in both laboratory software and hardware. My interests have led me to develop familiarity with distilling and hazardous materials safety. I have gained valuable experience in through my education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice including extensive training in LC and GC mass spectrometry for identification and quantitation of organic compounds. Moreover, I have gained valuable experience in micro / molecular biology by working with cell specimens and culture through my thesis research at Adelphi University.

I am passionate about craft spirits and am willing to commute for the right distillery. Please contact me at my email for any more information and to receive a copy of my resume. thank you for your time.

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