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Ginto is looking for American Gins


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Hello everyone,

We're the Ginto, Gin&Tonic app, and we are looking for new US distilled gins to add into our app. Let me give you an introduction to Ginto first.

Ginto was launched on World Gin Day in 2015. The idea was born by combining our passion for both gin and app-development and the rise of gin(and tonic) in Belgium, our country. The gin industry is booming and consumers meet new gins almost every week. With such a broad and diversified range of gins it's not always easy to know what is what. We wanted to help by creating Ginto.

Ginto app allows its users to browse through an extensive overview of gin brands. Currently we feature over 600 brands of gin from around the world. When published in the app our users can give a rating to the gins they have tasted, they can keep track of this by the lists we provide them: My tasted list, - My collection and the wishlist. Every brand of gin is featured with a description, a summary of the used botanicals and a matching tonic. We also have a collaboration with a few, well respected, Gin-bloggers who provide recipes. Future updates will be focusing on social features and a more extensive rating system.

Today the app is available on both Android and iOS. With users joining everyday Ginto app currently has over 40.000 users and is becoming the digital landmark on Gin.

How to get your Gin into Ginto?

Our goal is to feature all gin brands worldwide. Of course this is a large task since currently we have over 1300 gins but with new gins being launched every week and many gins which we haven't discovered yet this will be an ongoing task.

To speed up the process we recommend Gin distillers to provide us the information which we will publish into the app afterwards. What do we need to know?

- Short description of your gin (generally what's on the website - around 300 words)

- Ingredients used - botanicals

- Serving tips (optional)

- Matching tonics

- Picture in good quality of the bottle in a frontal perspective with a white or transparent background.

- Cover photo (optional)

If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us. Here, on facebook.com/gintoapp or info@gintoapp.com


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