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Wanted. Used barrels from Organic certified producers


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Ladies and Gentlemen of the American craft distilling scene,

My brother and I are nearing our aim of setting up a wee distillery in the North of Scotland at our hotel/castle for the production of (old style) whisky and other spirits. We have our supply lines sorted for heritage varieties of floor malted organic barley for our whisky production.

Our preference is to build a relationship with organic certified producers who can supply us with used bourbon barrels (other types of spirits considered). We are already working with a organic certified US distillery who are able to supply us with 15 (US) gallon barrels which is great for maturing Single Malt Whisky to younger ages but we are also looking for bigger barrels for long term maturation such as 53 gallon ASB's

if you are an organic certified whiskey producer or you have a recommendation for someone to talk to, please let me know.

My personal email is simonlthompson@gmail.com

Kindest regards

Simon Thompson

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Thanks for the messages and emails. We have been able to get a good a few sources for 15 and 30 gallon ex organic bourbon and ex organic rye casks. I also have a source for proper big oloroso, fion and PX casks (500 litre)

I'm still struggling to get anything ex-organic in the 200 to 300 litre range. Really want to get some ASBs.

Everything is rocking with the distillery project. Just waiting on the building warrant then we are pushing all the buttons. (in the UK, you first submit for planning permission to be allowed to build/modify, then you submit for the building warrant, which you need to begin works)

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