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Bottling, Labeling and Packaging Time


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There are many factors that will determine the speed of your bottling line.

How many steps in your bottling process?

empty your bottles from boxes, rinse, fill, cork, label, shrink or sticker over closure, rebox. palletize?

How many hands will be working the bottling line?

How many spouts on your bottle filler?

Do you need to apply labels to your bottles?

On our bottling line with two people working it we can fill 80 bottles in an hour

If we bring in temps to help work the bottling line we can fill 600 bottles an hour

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I'm trying to determine the labor cost for bottling, labeling and packaging time. Can anyone give me a rough estimate of how many bottles can be processed per hour assuming a hand operated line?

Roughly 5% of our bottles cost (excluding FET/SET) is spent on bottling labor. This is with about a dozen temps, working 8 hours days, bottling roughly 720 4.5L cases/day.

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We sell a semiautomatic (i.e. hand-powered) bottling line. With rinsing, filling, corking/capping, and labeling our customers average about 8 BPM with a 4-spout filler and 10-12 BPM with a 6-spout filler. The filler is usually the bottleneck in terms of speed.

So, 5 workers can process about 480 bottles per hour with a 4-spout, and 720 bottles per hour with a 6-spout if you have a tight, coordinated line.

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