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Kothe 400L Still for Sale

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Our trusty 400 Litre (100 gallon) Kothe Still is for sale. It is low-pressure and steam jacketed. We purchased the still in 2013 and have replaced it with a larger still. The still is available today. The specifications are:

400 Litre Kothe Pot/Column (no agitator, used as a spirit still only)

Column has 4 bubble cap trays with dephlegmator at the top of the column

Condensor sits atop an insulated tank for holding hot water pumped through the 4 sections of the column and pot

CIP (clean in place) pump

Custom aluminum stands lift pot and hot water tank 6" above ground for superior condensate return pumping to the boiler feedwater tank and cleaning underneath the still

$70,000 in St. Paul, MN. Call Bob at (651) 300-9328; or email: 5oclock@11wells.com.



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