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New to the industry an already cant get enough

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Hey Guys + Gals,

I am trying to get into the Distilling process an could use a tonnn of help!! I am also brand new to this forum so I dont know how things are with using specific names of people that have helped me out, but I will say I recently visited one of the best distilleries in my opinion that I have been to in a very long time, again I do not want to use names, this place was in a one of the carolinas though. I had an opportunity to speak briefly to one of the main distillers an kind of told him about my interest in distilling an why I want to learn all about it. Now here I am... this random guy off the street walking into this guys distillery asking question about the process an how I can start getting into it.... i wasnt really sure how it was going to turn out, but he ended up being quite the Gentlemen an was more then willing to help me out with what I needed to know. Without speaking to him I would of never learned about this forum, To me it shows something really cool about this industry!

Soo enough with me rambling on n on... I have been baking as a trade for the past 15 years an am looking to get into distilling. I am willing to listen an learn anything that anyone has to tell me... I am also looking for two used stills, one being in the 20-50 gallon range an another being 100-200 gallon still, also if anyone can point in the right direction as to what type of still would be best to run Rye, an Bourbon. If anyone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it!!

Thank you again

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I am about to start buying my equipment but the main advice I would have is read everything you can. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum, also check out stilldragons forum and the Homedistiller.org forum. There are many thousands of years of experience that is freely shared. Its a cooperative community. Good luck too.


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I think a hybrid pot column still would be great for you. It seems like you're looking at distilling as a side gig. The hybrid will allow for doing both single and double distillations, and the ability to add or remove plates can help you make a variety of spirit. Single pot is "in" for bourbons and a pot is a necessity I think.

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Welcome! You picked a great industry to be involved in...and these forums are a wealth of information. Everyone is very generous as they were once in your spot too.

My name is Irene George with All American Label. When you get to the point when you are ready to consider labeling your products please keep my name handy as I'd love to send you samples of what we do.

We are also long time exhibitors with ADI, and will exhibiting April 4-7 in San Diego. If you plan to attend (highly recommended) please stop by our booth.

If you are interested in label samples sooner than later...please connect with me at:


I'm happy to help with any information you are looking for...from designers to material testing.

Best of luck to you...enjoy the ride.


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