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Is my water ok?


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One of the things I really struggle to understand is to understand how the quality of my water supply affects my fermentation. I know iron content is especially important and at maximum it is 0.038 mg/l and on average it is half that. Is that amount of iron a potential problem?

pH is 7.72

calcium is at least 48mg/L

I know these things are important but have a hard time understanding whether my water is good or not. Here's an overview of my water quality from the water company (it's not in English but easy enough to understand I think...)


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Having a PH of 7-8 is pretty normal - you will want to drop it depending on the mash you will be making 5-6 for whiskey. Iron is generally undesirable, but a carbon filter should be able to take that out. Calcium is desirable to a point because it can enhance your enzyme performance. Hope that helps - I couldn't read all of it.

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