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Oak Barrels and Oak Alternatives for Distillers

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Hello everyone,

Bill said it was OK to introduce myself here now that I am working for XTRAOAK / Canton Cooperage (Kentucky) selling oak barrels and oak alternatives. We sell barrels made of American oak in various sizes. Because of our experience making barrels for the bourbon industry in Kentucky, I am sure that we can help you; of course, we have been making barrels and alternatives for other industries and spirits for many years now as well. Regarding oak alternatives, we have chips, staves, inserts, XOAKERS (round balls of oak), etc, in various toasts and made of French or American oak.

My territories are Texas, Mexico, and Hawaii although, if you are interested but not in one of these territories, I will put you in touch with someone who handles your area. Please contact me if you'd like more info, samples, and/or pricing. And keep distilling! I've tried some amazing bourbons, vodkas, grappas, and gins made by folks who are on this list, and believe that the US is making world class spirits.

Kind regards,

Robert J. Morey

Email: robert.morey@att.net, robert@xtraoak.com

Cell: 707-225-4829


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