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best water used for blending with distilled spirit


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I am using a distillation kit to re-distill a neutral grain spirit with various botanical bills to test small batches of gin flavors. I was going to use 100 proof gain spirit for distillation and then cut it with water to bring down the ABV.

1. Is this be best process for small test batches?

2. What is the best type of water to use?


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RO or distilled water removes any liability from using other water sources. They're the safest (in regards to product quality), relatively cheap and impart no flavor. You can use local fancy water sources but depending on mineral content and source they can impart flavor and cause hazing/clouding.

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We perform our maceration with 100 proof base. The distilled gin is then proofed for the bottle with de-ionized water.

We use d-i water for our gin base (ngs + h2o) as well; "in process" non-d-i filtered water would suffice but you never know when you might have to turn gin base into Vodka.

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