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Consultant and/or Distiller -Denver-


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Looking for a consultant that has experience opening a distillery in Denver. I would prefer to focus my time on buildout and operations of front of house and need a consultant that can help with licensing and still house buildout.

I am also looking for a distiller with minimum 2 years experience in the industry OR Craft Brewer with minimum 2 years experience AND home distilling experience. If you have experience opening a distillery that would be a plus and would eliminate the need for a consultant. Pay would be salary based on experience and we can offer percentage of ownership/tiered production bonuses as incentives.

Here's a little about us: I have 15 years experience in service industry, 8 in craft beer. I have Brewer professionally for 2 years and home distilled for 2 as well. I specialize in operations and customer service/PR. I have experience (in all aspects of) opening a brewery in Denver and have consulted for 3 others in the Denver area. My partner has several years experience as well as a degree in marketing. She will be part time on the project and will be in charge of design, branding and marketing. Our business plan is complete and we already have an investor secured. We are in the process of securing a 5000sqft facility for production and a distillery-pub. We also have a manufacturer lined up for the equipment, although this can change if there is a preference for the distiller. This is a very ambitious project and we would like to have the bar open as soon as permitting and licensing allows. The distillery can follow if necessary.

For questions or to submit a resume please email me at Robbie@plattparkbrewing.com



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