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500 Gallon Cypress Fermentation Tank

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500 Gallon Cypress Fermentation tank made by Confederate Stills. NEVER USED. 1.25″ thick wood, steel restraint bands, 304SS bottom plate, SS legs, and 2″ SS drain valves. Even though this unit is unused, it will need a some TLC. Because we never kept the tank filled with water to keep the staves expanded, some of the staves have come apart and will need to be re-positioned, tightened and re-sealed. The exterior, drains, stands and everything else is in good condition. We paid $3700 plus shipping. These units are selling for around $4K right now.

Asking $2500 FOB.

For more info, email through ADI, or cs@napadistillery.com or call us at 707-265-6272 and ask for Arthur.

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