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Estimated Pricing Handmade Copper Alembic Stills


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With all the feedback from ADI forum members and speaking with my mentor, I have been able to come up with some estimated prices for the stills.

STANDARD FEATURES - the stills come with two bubble plates and a dephlegmator and are heated by steam using a coil inside the pot. All of them are hand-hammered copper. The condenser and receiving vat are not included. Shipping isn't either.

1,000 lts $16,000

1,200 lits $16,800

1,500 lts $20,900

I can make either a copper condenser or a stainless steel version. The steel clearly being a lot cheaper.

Still for making ethanol fuel - 600 lts - $14,560

Delivery should be no more than 50 days. Might be 60.

To change the system to a steam jacket add $7,000.

I am thinking that it will be 25% deposit, 25% at completion - I will then send video and photos for approval, if any changes are needed due to my failing they will be done - 25% upon approval and 25% when it arrives.

I also will be making very simple open-top stainless steel fermentation vats.

Price would be around $3,500 for 2,800 lts and $1,300 for 800 lts to give examples.

IMPORTANT - I am still putting everything together so I apologize in advance if I am a little slow in replying. Words are cheap but I want to insure you realize this is not a reflection of the still's quality or craftsmanship.

Thank you as always for any feedback.

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