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Hangzhou Zhengjiu Machinery for exhibition

Air Hus

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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know that our factory (Zhengjiu Machinery) will take part in the exhibition in Philadelphia.

The distillery and fermenter was delivered already, it will show in the EXHIBITION IN PA on 4th -6th May.,2016.

If you have time to visit our booth(No.2552) Pls leave me your contact information. So that i can send info. to this association.

Then you NO NEED pay the money for entrance when you come to visit the exhibition.

Attached is the distillery what we made. And i will take part in this exhibition in personally.

Hope to meet you there face to face.

If you are interested with this distillery and want to purchase Distillery or Brewery equipments.

Pls dont hesitate to contact with me. Thanks and looking forward to receive your inquire.





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