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Choosing the right heat exchanger


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Righty ho. A chap is phoning me tomorrow about heat exchangers and I'm struggling to figure out exactly what I need. I know I want a plate heat exchanger with 2" triclamp fittings. Normally we rate heat exhangers in KW

Our mash tun is just a wee guy at 1200 litre capacity. Most of the connections in the distillery are 2" triclamp with mobile pumps and brewery hose.

This looks about the right thing... http://www.cpesystems.com/collections/heat-exchangers/products/cpe60h-xxd-plate-heat-exchanger. No word on the kw rating, though.

But I'm in Scotland and heavy heat exchangers will cost a few £/$ to send across the sea.

The heat exchanger should have 2" triclamp fittings, Dual pass design, Stainless steel plates nitrile butadiene rubber gasket... but how do i know how much plate area or KW rating will do the job? I don't want to spend more than is necessary or buy something not fit for purpose.

Thanks in advance


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