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The 86 Co, Accusations of Mysogyny, etc...


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For those of you who aren't already aware, there is a HUGE mess going on right now on facebook and in the on-prem 'craft cocktail' community.


It has to do with 'glass ceilings' for women in the bartending world, but eventually spilled over into a boycott of the 86 co. (Tequila cabeza, aylesbury duck vodka, ford's gin, etc...) that has a huge presence in craft cocktail bars. One thing led to another, and some insensitive comments from 86 co. owner Dushan Zaric led to him being forced to step down by his partners when boycotts were threatened.


Playboy.com just put up an article talking about some of the details.



It would seem our on-premise bartender sales force is getting rather sensitive these days. Probably worth sharing this link with your marketing force and brand ambassadors if they haven't been aware of what's going on.

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