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What not to do when marketing Tasting room?

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I'm wondering if anyone has insight on pitfalls to avoid when marketing and attracting people to your tasting room.  I've heard of distilleries getting fined for incentivizing with alcohol.  Is this true?  As a broader question, what is and is not kosher when marketing alcohol/tasting room/distillery?

For example: I'd like to produce a business card sized incentive card to hand out on business-to-business runs or at events.  Can I put on that card "buy one cocktail get a second cocktail free" or "good for $5 off any bottle when purchased in the tasting room?"  Or should it be more generic like "good for $10 at the tasting room."  What about "frequent flyer cards?"  That is to say "buy 10 cocktails get one free."

I want to adhere to regulation/law obviously.  

Thank you!

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Laws and regulations on the marketing of alcoholic beverages can vary widely from state to state, my suggestion is to contact the liquor control board for your state and ask them directly. In addition, I have also provided a link below to the TTB's advertising guidelines. 


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