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Electric Element Still Controller and Mini Steam Generator with Controller

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I had a lot of people asking to purchase the still controller that I was selling with my boiler.  I have an extra one and can modify it to meet your needs, or if you need something entirely different let me know and I can put something together.  Prices range from $500 up, this one would be around $1350 shipped and includes plugs and RTD sensor.

I also have a great little steam generator and controller for a mash tun, I still need to price that out, but I have included a picture for anyone interested.  I currently have the same one hooked up to the cooling jacket of my milk tank mash tun, you could easily do a direct injection if needed.

PM me for any questions or details. (The last picture is of my PLC controller with touchscreen HMI for my continuous column, we built the column and controller)




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