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Hi from the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic..

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Hi to one and all..


I'm a Falkland Islander, and will be setting up a micro-distillery in the very near future..

Here, other than paying duty on the product there is no legislation whatsoever regarding distilleries..

However, life here is not that easy as everything except meat and fish has to be imported..

Barley, corn etc all has to be imported by ship from the United Kingdom, Chile, Montevideo or Miami..

Barrels for my business are a problem.. I'm not a Cooper, and no one else here has this skill, so the barrels will have to be imported whole; meaning that I'll have to import the barrels empty, increasing again the cost of production and that will ultimately have to be passed onto my client base..


Anyway enough of me...


All the very best to one and all here on the Forum.


Best regards


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