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Hello all!

I am currently looking for a supervisory position within a distillery, either as a more production head or as a master distiller, in the Rocky Mountain region, West or East Coasts, or in other countries. I am just ending a brief exit from the industry after a personal loss, which is why I am wanting to leave the region I am currently in. 

I come highly recommended by Jake Holshue, whom I met at Trailhead Spirits and worked with for approximately one year pro-bono on my end. I have attached my resume to this post, which includes all my contact information and only my brewing accomplishments/experience. I have also copied my LinkedIn profile below. 

I am looking for an immediate position, as I have no employment income (currently trading stocks while I study for my Lean Six Sigma Cert.) and my lease is expiring this month.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope to hear from some of you soon!



Nathan Traw

Happy Fourth Fellow Americans!


NathanTrawResume Brewing Only.doc

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