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I've used the EnolMaster, the XpressFill, and several gravity fill machines.

The EnolMaster scares me a little bit. Just the thought of alcohol fumes being pumped out of the vacuum pump near the motor gives me the creeps.

I decided on the new XpressFill, and it's working very well for us. We like the following:

(1) it doesn't make a mess - bottles are dry on the outside, so sticky liqueurs are easy to seal later,

(2) it does 50mL bottles as easily as 1.75L bottles,

(3) it's fast,

(4) it's easy to clean,

(5) it's accurate - always within +-0.2% (1.5mL for a 750) - which we verify by weight routinely.

This is, by the way, in stark contrast to the earlier version built by the former owners...that one was simply unusable.

Get the adjustable shelf version...should be in-stock at xpressfill.com - similar pricing to the enolmaster.


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