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Distilling Equipment for sale

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Have multiple items for sale to interested individuals..

4 - 500 gallon plastic fermenters/holding tanks on metal stand with ball valve closure      $2000 each

750 gallon SS open top fermenter     $2500

1000 gallon SS steam jacketed cooker with paddle and motor for blending    $3000

40 gallon SS steam jacketed gas fired cooker           $2500

Gas fired boiler previously used by both Sweetwater and Terrapin breweries in Georgia    $2500

750 gallon plastic water or liquid holding tot with sealable top  $500

250 gallon copper old fashioned style moonshine still, electric heated   $7500

6 - 50 gallon SS stills electric heated $2500 each

Feel free to comment or email for more pictures or details to cherokeebrew@aol.com  ....IMG_20160213_083829883.jpgIMG_20160213_083736787.jpg all items ship from Georgia



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