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Back on the forum after a long hiatus...

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Howdy ladies and gents, 

I used to frequent these parts a few years ago, but I've been off the forums for too long. I thought I'd reintroduce myself...

I'm a distillery professional based in Salt Lake City, and I work mostly in distillery engineering and operations. I have some education as a Chem. E, and also in fermentation science. I'm not currently attached to any one distillery, but I am working with about 15 clients in 4 countries on an ongoing basis. I'll be lurking about, and feel free to drop me a msg if you have any questions or are merely curious. FYI, I'm not looking for any new clients...I'm just here to talk shop   :D


Dodo Distilleries, Distillery, Brewery, and Beverage Consulting

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