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ancient history

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greetings and salutations from TASMANIA , AUSTRALIA,,,have lurked here for some years as our family were contract distillers / maltsters and I didn't want to compromise our I.P. which was often transferred to clients

now retired , started in 1963 as a junior chemist / trainee brewer , 1980 trained in malting , then  in 1985 started to seek "seed" $$ to start a whisky distillery , registered the name CRADLE MOUNTAIN DISTILLERY,,,,,,,in 1989 a major investor was found but TASMANIAN $$$ , STAFF and I.P were lured to the NORTHERN TERRITORY with a promise of huge investment..........and the DARWIN DISTILLING co. was formed,,,,,,,,,,in the AUSTRALIAN tropics ,,,we set up a pilot plant and distilled lots of WHISKY and tropical style LIQUEURS

now here's the "one" most of you have probably heard ,,the $$$$$$ isn't available [ later we found it was never there ] ,,pity as we could have run the stills for free off the steam from B.S. we were fed

so we hightailed it back to TASMANIA and in 1993 started in a potato shed with single malt WHISKY ,,,fortunately successful ,,,saved our bacon

1995 became P+E designers and contract distillers ,,,,,operating in 4x countries ,,,within the ASIA / PACIFIC region ,,,,never made much $$$$$,, but had a very productive life

something the ADI members who post can look forward to ,,,,,,,,the CRADLE MOUNTAIN WHISKY co. is now in very good progressive hands ,,,,

am currently , as mentioned , in retirement [ allegedly ] but have just trialled a CHINESE FIVE SPICES liqueur,,,,,,,,,sensational !!!!!! especially after 6x shots LOL !!!!!!!!!

am trialling smoking malted barley with native hardwoods ,,,,,loving it , never a dull moment

good luck to everyone , thankyou for your very professional posts , a delight to read and thankyou to the STAFF in the ADI office who have assisted me with various matters that this silly old bastard stuffed up

many many regards ,,,,,,,,,brian 73




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