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Need help to add info to Business plan.

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My name is Virgil Strong and I am almost completed with our business plan for a Start Up in Reno Nevada. After having the plan reviewed by SBA counselors we left with two suggestions and this is where I need the help. Our SBA counselor wants to see two story's from existing Craft Distilling Business's that will reflect 3 things approx start up cost, approx first year profit or loss and second or third year profit or loss.

I am not asking for hard data numers here as I feel that is a little rude but if someone is willing to give me a few stories to satisfy the couselor I would greatly appreciate it.

I have been lurking here for several weeks reading anything and everything and I have to thank everybody for the willingness to address questions and the answers are so wonderful it is inspiring. I have truely enjoyed the people I have spoke with via the phone and also those in email and in this forum. So again Thank You all.

Virgil Strong


775-315-1787 Cell

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