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Distiller (with maintenance focus) - Chattanooga Whiskey Co.


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Chattanooga Whiskey Company is in the process of hiring a DISTILLER (with a maintenance focus) for our new craft production facility in downtown Chattanooga, TN - Outside Magazine’s two-time “BEST TOWN EVER” winner. 

This facility is currently under construction and planned to come online in early to mid 2017. The Vendome distilling system is comprised of a 12 inch, 30 foot column still with a doubler, beer well, 2700 gallon cooker and 4 x 2700 gallon fermenters (with plans to expand to 8 fermenters). It’s gonna be awesome.

Our distilling team lives by the phrase “Rules are Good, Change Them”, so your attitude and training should reflect a respect for tradition but also an openness and willingness to innovate and continuously improve. Every day we try to do better than the last – which includes everything from the way you organize your workspace to how you clean a tank, to the way you approach building or executing a recipe. We want to build the best bourbon and whiskey possible, and our people (and their attitudes) are the most important ingredient to that recipe.

We currently offer 1816 – an 8 year old, award winning, world-class, traditional bourbon blended and bottled by yours truly. By mid 2017 we will be releasing more experimental and craft bourbons and whiskies from our 1.5 year-old single barrel micro distillery in Chattanooga. These whiskies lean more heavily on a blend of craft brewing traditions and approaches. We will then “graduate” some of these recipes up to larger production around the same time. 


• Food and beverage manufacturing experience, preferably in the distilling or brewing environments
• Formal technical education or varied and extensive hands on experience in many trades (electrical, plumbing, mechanical)
• Familiarity, knowledge or experience in the brewing/distilling trades
• Proven ability to work with little to no supervision
• Extremely detail oriented
• Experience in MS Excel
• Highly safety conscious with respect to equipment and lock-out procedures.

Distiller responsibilities include all aspects of grain to glass production of whiskey:
• Assisting in start-up and troubleshooting of a new distillery!
• Receipt of raw materials
• Milling, mashing and fermentation management
• Transferring of mash, fermentations, high wines, etc.
• Distillation on continuous column still
• Barrel filling, dumping, proofing
• Bottling, packaging and shipping/receiving
• Guiding occasional tours of the distillery
• Inventory management and materials ordering
• Single barrel micro distillery activities and shifts

Maintenance-focused responsibilities include but not limited to:
• Developing a maintenance schedule on crucial equipment as well as maintaining clean and well-stocked maintenance tools and parts storage.
• Performing facility breakdown and preventative maintenance tasks for all electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems related to the distilling operation as well as those related to distillery functionality. These include but not limited to:
o Cooling tower
o Pumps and motors
o Boiler
o Chiller
o Heat exchangers
o Compressed air systems
o Electrical components – drives, transmitters, etc.
o Plumbing components – water (city, cooling tower, chilled)
• Building, welding, painting, and plumbing activities related to improving existing systems
• Teaming with other production staff to encourage proper use and care of all equipment.

Candidates should be physically fit, able to lift 55lbs and be able to work flexible hours and shifts. Compensation package will be commensurate with education and experience; benefits included. 

Start date is dependent on estimated completion date of the distillery and will become clearer in the coming months.

Please email jobs(at)tnstillhouse.com to submit your resume and cover letter.


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