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Product of Canada - claims


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Thought it would be appropriate for the first post in the Canadian section of ADI forum to be about the basic requirement associated with "Product of Canada" claim on spirit labels.

Based on information available on CFIA website, less than 2 per cent of the ingredients used in making the spirit can be imported from outside of Canada if one is to use "Product of Canada" on their label.  Here is a link to source of info:


My Kannuk vodka will be made from 100% Canadian ingredients, therefore not an issue for my vodka. 

However, if I was to make a spirit from Bananas for example, and we don't grow bananas in Canada, would you then indicate on the label "Made in Canada from imported ingredients"?  Or would you just indicate "Distilled in Canada"?

Curious what others know about this topic.

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I'm pretty sure that both of your proposed options are good. The consumer protection directorate of the cfia  (im not sure their exact name these days since they underwent a significant restructuring a couple of years back) would be able to confirm. Any revision of the label would be complaint driven, but could be costly if the product label was printed on an lcbo scale. Even in the event of a label change, they would likely give you months to change it to allow you to use up some of labelled products first. Personally, I like Distilled in Canada, because that's what makes these products so much more interesting (and tasty).

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Product of Canada Claims permit " Very low levels of ingredients that are not generally produced in Canada, including spices, food additives, vitamins, minerals, flavouring preparations, or grown in Canada such as oranges, cane sugar and coffee. Generally, the percentage referred to as very little or minor is considered to be less than a total of 2 per cent of the product. "

I imagine that depending on your choice of botanicals and your sourcing of them, you will likely be playing in a grey area.

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