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Dreamer in Virginia

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I've had a longtime dream to start a farm distillery. Last year the Virginia Governor signed the Farm Distillery Bill into law. A few months back I stumbled on a deal and I bought a chunk of land in Fairfax County. Finally closed on the land a few weeks ago. I need to figure everything out on a shoestring and the County Board of Supervisors wants to look at closing or tightening Ordinances on the Farm Distillery rights. They want to "determine which zoning districts are appropriate for these uses and whether additional standards should be considered to address potential impacts to health, safety and welfare".


So the clock is ticking.  I've been spending most of my time dealing with convoluted Planning and  Zoning. In a fair world I would be set because my proposed site is 6 miles from the GW Mount Vernon Distillery with very similar site conditions.


Meanwhile I need to:

1) Complete my business plan

2) Choose equipment and define my processes (good for newbies, low maintenance and environmentally sound)

3) Design the facility

4) Construct the facility.


Along the way I need to some crowdfunding or find investors.


Any help would be greatly appreciated :D




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