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Letina 2000L Storage Tanks


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Ager Tank & Equipment Co. has an overstock of our Letina 2000L single wall and jacketed storage tanks available for immediate shipment.  These are closed top tanks.  Specifications are as follows:

 Letina 2000L (Approx 528Gal) closed top single wall storage tank. 

- volume ca. 2000 lit
- coat diameter 1116 mm, height 2000 mm
- total height ca. 2600 mm
- 3 legs, height 300 mm, opened
- conical off-centered bottom and top
- manhole cover dia. 200 mm
- breath valve, DIN 50
- ladder support
- type plate with note card
- sample tap, DIN 15
- level indicator, dia. 16 mm, scaled
- partial discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2"
- total discharge, butterfly valve, tri-clamp 2"
- material AISI 304, BA, mirror inside, circle polished outside

We also have an overstock of Letina 2000L jacketed tanks.  

Discounted pricing is as follows:

2000L single wall storage tanks - $2895 each

2000L jacketed stroage tanks - $4195

Please send private email with your delivery address and the number of tanks that you are interested in and I will provide delivereed price.

Jason Ager, Ager Tank & Equipment Co., www.agertank.com, 503-222-7079




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