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TTB Never anwsers or reponds!?!!?!


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Dudes, I feel like I've been at the DMV for 6 months. We have so many questions about our excise tax, TIB forms, etc and TTB has never answered the phone or returned a phone call. The only email I got said 'please call our 1800 number'

Not sure what to do?

Also, been locked out of our account for months and need a manual reset from TTB..so frustrated. Insert other media

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I just want to make sure you are calling the correct entity.  If you have questions regarding DSP registrations or taxes, you should be calling the NRC, National Revenue Center for the TTB, at 877-882-3277.  I do not like their new phone system which send you, automatically, to voicemail after 15 minutes of holding, else wise, I feel the people working at the call center are helpful or will get you to someone who is helpful.  

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