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I read yet another newspaper article yesterday about a new "Brand X" distillery opening and selling vodka and gin that they "improve" by re-distilling NGS. They told the reporter "we do it because a lot of other distilleries do it."

So in other words, re-bubbler X claims that its ok to re-bubble NGS becuase re-bubbler Y is  doing it, and re-bubbler Y is saying exactally the same thing about re-bubbler X.  

What a joke. In most cases these guys don't even posses the correct equipment to boil off the impurities that they are adding back into their NGS by using local water. 

Note to bubblers : if it's coming over at less than azetrope, you are potentially carrying over chemicals and impurities from the water you added that the real distiller spent a lot of time and money on equipment to remove. 

 Yeah, re-bubbled swamp water, that sounds just yummy. 

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