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Fimer 9 valve Filling Line


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Ager Tank & Equipment Co. has the following used packaging line available in our Portland Oregon showroom:

Fimer filling line.  The line consists of a 4 lane dump table/single filer with a side oscilator to prevent clustering.  The rinser is a Poggio standalone 12 clamp machine.  It is set up for air rinse and is capable of a secondary gas sparge.  This machine was manufactured in 2009.  It has OSHA gaurding and safety interlocks on the doors.  The filler is a Fimer monoblock with a 9 valve filler and single head ROPP capper.  Model 9/1 VA.  The machine was manufactured in 2004.  The labeler is a New Tec dual head rotary pressure sensitive machine.  Model # is Leopard Adhesive 720 F6 S2 E2 + CMP.  It is rated at 60 BPM and is capable of applying a front, front/back, or three sided wrap to a square bottle as well as a front/back or wrap to a cylinder bottle.  The machine was manufactured in 2009 and is equipped with OSHA gaurding package and safety interlocks on the doors.  All of the interconnecting conveyhors are included with the line which discharges onto a 36 inch accumulation disk.  The Hitachi, ink jet printer, model PXR-D460W is also included with the line.  The line was set up for 230 volt/3 phase/60 Hz operation.  The line was previously running olive oil and ther are both cylinder and square bottle, 750 ml change parts,  This would be an ideal line for packaging distilled products!

Selling Price - $95,000 FOB Portland, OR

Jason Ager

Ager Tank & Equipment Co. - 503-222-7079






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