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COLA/Formulas Online customer service or lack thereof.


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Formulas online says you do not need to set up a new account, if you are already registered for COLAs online. But the instructions it gives you for how to set up a Formulas account with your COLAs account are incomplete or wrong. It says, once logged in go to My account/ companies/ add. I have looked all over but do not see the My account button. Am I blind, or logging into the wrong thing? I feel like I must be doing something that should be easy, very wrong, but after trying to get ahold of their customer service, I'm starting to believe that the website is broken just like the customer service.

I have called their customer service almost every day for the last 3 weeks at different times, but nobody ever answers, it always asks me to leave a message, which they never return.

Does anyone know a better way to get in contact with them, or know how to link the 2 accounts?


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Log into Formulas online using your Colas online login and password, after you login at the top right of the page there is a "my profile" link, click on it then click on "modify registration" 

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