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For sale:

1 - 660 Gallon still from Cognac,France produced by Robert Prulho in 1982.

This still once belonged to the RMS distillery in Napa and has the classic antique look of the stills that made the worlds best Cognac.  

This still has an automation center and valves.  The valves are dated and will likely need to be reseated or replaced with air actuated valves.

Everything else is in good shape.  The fire bricks may also need to be replaced to insulate the direct fire furnace.  They have shown age and may need replacement parts.

We have 3 of these stills and are selling one to get cash flow required to move forward.  

These stills are in pretty great shape for 30+ years old and will last a very long time.

Price is $150,000 and will require roughly 8 pallets worth of parts that can probably be professionally packed into 3.  Our 330 gallon still came in 3 very large crates.  

Please see the pictures in the links:



Pics to follow within a week.  


Located in Willits, CA. 





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