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Too many stills...too little time

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Can anyone offer advice on an ideal still setup given the following:

1. We are looking to focus on whiskey/bourbon as our flagship, but will be making gin and vodka to get revenue coming in while we wait for aging.

2. The facility we are looking at is basically a 40ft x 60ft warehouse with 12ft walls and an 18ft peak on the ceiling.

The original thought was a 250 gallon batch still system with a potstill, vodka column, gin basket, all in one. This seems like the easiest way to go, not necessarily the cheapest or the best way (as far as product is concerned) to go. My gut feeling is that this is the jack of all trades, master of none approach, but maybe I am wrong. Regardless of the spirit you are doing at the time, they all seem to run through the same dephlegmator at the end so don't you get gin whiskey and vodka all contaminating each other at the end?

The systems we've looked at have been from Vendome, Artisan Still Design, CARL, Hagyo, Bavarian-Holstein, and Kothe. Again, anyone have anything to say about these guys?

I've been to a few craft distilleries and seen the approach I mentioned, but then I have also seen a three still setup where two pot stills are being used for whiskey (strip and finish), and then a column and gin basket setup for vodka and gin.

There seems to be an infinite number of setups you could do to accomplish the same task. We are trying to do the right approach out of the gate so we don't regret the equipment or design once we kick off.

thanks, as always for any input.

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