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Barrels & Production Equipment

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Country Connection currently has a variety of barrels and production equipment available. Discounts available for bulk barrel orders.

Please email directly to jessica@countryconnection.biz for pictures, additional pricing, and information. For a complete quote, please provide a delivery zip code when emailing.


Multiple Use Whiskey Barrels

These barrels were filled once with bourbon and then multiple times with other whiskies. They can be purchased two ways: shipped immediately after dumping in "as is" condition, with a large majority ready to fill; or we can select and repair them prior to shipment, ensuring all are in ready to fill condition. Prices starting at $50.


Refurbished Barrels

We have one of the most advanced barrel rejuvenation processes on the market. Our machinery is highly automated for quality control. Both the depth of interior removed, and the char/toast levels are adjustable to meet any requirements. Typically, we would take an older barrel and shave 3-4 mm off of the inside. This process removes the previous char/toast, as well as any wine or spirit residue, and exposes fresh wood. From there, we char and/or toast to desired specifications. We can take your old barrels and do the reconditioning for a flat fee, or we can provide quality refillable barrels that we've rejuvenated. Prices starting at $90. 


Once Used Bourbon Barrels

Quality selects ready for refill. Choice of multiple reputable brands. Prices starting at $130.


Used Red/White Wine Barrels 

French and American oak available. Prices ranging between $30-$50 for used reds and between $80-$100 for used whites. 


New Oak Barrels 

Premium white oak. 53 and 30 gallon format available. Toasting and charring done to your specifications. Prices starting at $240.


Barrel Racks

New and used available in a variety of styles. We offer both 2-barrel and 4-barrel racks. All racks are made of high quality stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. Prices ranging from $35-$180+ (depending on style & condition).


New Poly IBC Tanks

275 & 330 gallon sizes available. Interior container made from FDA approved high density polyethylene, with a galvanized steel outer cage. Prices starting at $200.


New SS IBC Tanks

125, 250, 350, & 550 gallon sizes available. Tanks are custom made, with a variety of add-ons available to be perfectly customized for your needs. Prices starting at $2,025.


Country Connection
Jessica Holliday
Phone: 530.589.1507

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