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Chemical Engineer Looking for Entry-level Distillery Position

Al Koziol

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I will be obtaining my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in May 2017 and I am looking to get my start in the brewing/spirits industry. As I am in my senior year I have completed the first of two senior design projects. I have a lot of theoretical knowledge from my schooling, and am now hoping to gain experience with the operation and business of a distillery.

The project I worked on tried to design a polymer blend for biodegradable gloves. The work included equipment design and pricing, a thorough economic assessment, and comparison of design alternatives. In addition, I have hands on experience in lab with batch distillation processes, cooling towers, and bioreactors. 

My main work experience was an intern for the NYC Dept of Health for two summers in which I worked in the microbiology department. During my time at the DOH, I was responsible for collecting and cataloging incoming bacterial samples (primarily MRSA), preparing them for electrophoresis and running the electrophoresis, and finally, analysis of the sample to try and determine if the particular strain came from an outbreak or isolated incident  as well as if it was hospital acquired or community acquired. In addition to my duties running experiments I also taught younger interns the process as they rotated every two weeks.  Because I was not only able to learn the process but teach it, I am confident in my ability to learn new job requirements quickly.

I believe I could be a great fit for an assistant distiller position, but my qualifications would be useful in other areas as well. If you have an opportunity for someone like myself please contact me at the e-mail address listed below. My resume, references, and transcripts are available upon request. I currently attend school in Buffalo, NY and live in Brooklyn ,NY, but I would be willing to relocate anywhere in the US and I am open to other possibilities as well.

Thank you,

Alfons Koziol


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