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"Inline Filling Systems, LLC" vs "In-Line Packaging Systems, Inc."


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Can somebody educate me on the differences between "Inline Filling Systems, LLC" and "In-Line Packaging Systems, Inc."

Inline Filling Systems, LLC is out of Venice, Florida. We are looking at their four head benchtop semiauto overflow filling machine priced around +_12,000.00 uses a slide tray so is hands on but is pneumatic so no electrical hookup, pumps product out of drum. a capper can be added and a labeler. production around 10-12 bottles per-minute. talked to a fellow craft distiller who was satisfied with this filler. if you want more automation requires totally new machine. 


In-Line Packaging Systems, Inc. is out of North Charleston, SC. We are looking at their 4 head economy filler priced around +_16,000.00. more automated only need to load bottles on conveyor. capper cost at least 4x as much + accessories total around $36,000.00 but fully automated. can added labeler and feed tables enables you to feed new bottles in and box on the other end.


anybody have experience with these companies?

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