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turn old stables into distillery unit or Warehouse


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  1. haniels



    Hello out there.

    I am planning a (like almost everyone else these days) new whisky destillery in Denmark only 10 km from the North see .

    I have an old farm with 2 stables (each 290m2 and from 2 m up to 2,7 m high )which are empty. One with concrete floor and the other with soil ground.   I was about to redecorate one of the stables into distillery unit with copper pot stills , separate area for fermenter tanks, floor maltings  etc etc  and to meet hygienic standards  and setting up pipes of gas , water and electricity when it struck me......NO no no no. You got it wrong, dear. Storage is crucial to whisky. The thing is that the temperature is more or less even throughout the year. And with a light smell of soil and clay in the stable with pure soil ground.

    My plan is now: The distillery are now going to be build in a NEW building and use the old existing stables for storage of barrels. That will make the 80000€ project 20-30 pct. more expensive.

    What do you think. Am I right or have I overlooked a something? 

    There is a photo of the old stable/warehouse with concrete

    Greetings from Denmark from the west coast of Jutland

    Hans Nielsen

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Hans - Each of the spaces you need are crucial, including the distillery. A better question might be whether it is less expensive to renovate the current spaces for storage, etc. and build new for the distillery, or vice versa. Since it looks like the stable space is pretty open and accessible, it looks like this can be renovated to either function easily. If you will allow visitors into the distillery area, the "charm" of the old stable will probably create a nice ambiance.

Good luck with your efforts!

Ross Topliff

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