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Burnham Low Pressure 280,000 BTU Boiler For Sale

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Model #:  SIN9LNIP-LED
Serial #:  65229433
Year:  2010
Includes:  Low water shutoff and pressure regulator
Location:  Indiana
Price:  $750 + buyer pays shipping

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I purchased this boiler from a distillery in Colorado in 2016 and have NOT put it in service so I cannot verify that everything works but from talking with the previous owner it does work (or at least it did when it was loaded on the truck to Indiana).  So why didn't I ever put it into service?  Great question, and the short story is that buying this boiler was one of my (sure to be many) rookie mistakes.  I didn't realize that apparently the "LED" designation behind the model number indicates that this boiler was specifically outfitted for higher altitudes.  After checking with my local Burnham distributor they have indicated that it cannot be refitted to standard altitude (about 850 ft. MSL where I live).  At least that's what they have told me.  So, unless you plan to use this boiler in a higher altitude DON'T BUY THIS FROM ME or I think you will be disappointed.  PM me and I will provide all of the details and answer any questions that I can.

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