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NMR for use in distilleries


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Using NMR could be useful for tracking congeners in real time and if you are really flush with cash take a look at https://www.alpha-mos.com/.

This little bit of kit can analyze in near real time both liquid and head space components and interpret them against your defined set of alcohols and congeners.....think mass spectrometer without hiring a PhD scientist to operate, maintain and interpret your in process congener targets creating an easily understood (by mere mortals) spider graph.  The big boys have adopted these gorgeous toys.


Two companies that I know of make electronic instruments capable of the TTB approved level of resolution:




I think both of these instruments can be traced to international standards that are also referenced by the US TTB.

My personal favorite is the Rudolf instrument as they have been extraordinarily supportive and have a solution that can resolve densities of beverages that have sugar added.  I am located on the east coast and factory representatives have been to my location on several occasions.   We were one of their first clients and bought the instrument around the point where the TTB approved the Rudolph for US Federal tax gauging.

If you are lucky enough to be able to afford one of these instruments, they are truly a time saver and an "insurance policy" against any proofing error that could bring down the ire of your tax authority.  The use of precision glass hydrometers is possible but because temperature becomes such a factor at the TTB required resolution it makes it very time consuming to perform the measurement.

The Anton Paar DMA-35 is very useful in day to day operations.  It will produce nearly instantaneous temperature compensated density (no sugar correction that I know of).   This is very handy if you are one of the people that actually makes their own GNS (or are purchasing GNS from the Borg) this is very handy to keep around the still for day to day in process proofing.





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