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Barrels for sale

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I have three pallets of black swan barrels that I'm not going to fill in a timely fashion and would like to see go to a good home. I have one pallet of 15 gallon honeycomb barrels, one pallet of 15 gallon black swan standard barrels and one pallet of 23 gallon honey comb barrels. We took delivery of these in February. I would like them to go by the pallet and I will offer them at a slight discount on what we paid for them. We are located in Michigan the barrels are still wrapped the way we received them and have been stored in a climate controlled space. 

We paid

$255 15 gallon black swan standard 

$314 15 gallon honey comb

$365 23 gallon honey comb

I am willing to split up the pallets but I would prefer not to. We can load onto a truck if you want them shipped or you can come pick them up.


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