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Assistant Distiller, Filibuster Distillery, VA


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The position of Assistant Distiller needs to be filled at Filibuster Distillery. This position will assist the distiller in the day to day operation. Daily tasks will include Mashing, Distilling, Milling Grain, Filling Barrels, Stocking Barrels, and Cleaning; among other duties. The ideal candidate will-

Key skills

-Chemistry testing of mash cooks and fermenters; a background in HPLC and GC testing as well as running equipment and troubleshooting.

-Be able to work flexible hours
-Be able to work closely within a small team
-Possess interest in large scale distillery processes
-Have knowledge concerning fermentation of grain or fruit
-Have confidence operating pumps, process piping, valves, hoppers, boilers, heat exchangers, and other production equipment
-Be able to operate forklifts, vehicles, and tractors
-Be able to lift up to 50 pounds
-Be personable and punctual
-Be a self-starter and able to logically troubleshoot issues
-Be safety oriented to protect themselves and their team
-Have the ability to record data using software daily.

Please contact- 571-425-8402 or email- sorab@filibusterbourbon.com



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