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Operational Protocol


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I don't quite know where this question would fit so I'll try here.

Our county just pulled the rug out from under us and has essentially said we can only have 30 gallons in any given control site. They have asked for an 'operational protocol' describing the process and handling of all material from mashing in to final bottling. 

Has anyone had to do such a thing? If so, would you be willing to share it. Looking to steal from better minds. 


Thank you in advance




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They are correct, by code you can only have 30 gallons open without sprinklers and be under the maq.  You can have up to 120 gallons per control area, so effectively 90 gallons closed, 30 open.  

With sprinklers the maq doubles.  If you exceed the maq, then you are into the H occupancys. 

We also did provide a description of the operation so they could understand how spirits were moved, created, and stored.  If they need code call outs I would recommend Scott at Dalkita to document your process.  

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DISCUS has an Industry based document that may be applicable.  I would STRONGLY suggest you pay the nominal fee and get this publication.

"Recommended Fire Protection Practices for Distilled Spirits Beverage Facilities 3rd Edition"

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