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Stupid label question


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Okay. Here’s a real stupid question for the peanut gallery. So some bottles have that thin strip of a label that goes over the top of the bottle as the tamper evident seal.  What is that type of label called?  

In my google searches everything I’ve called them just leads me back to standard tamper evident seals.  

Also, if you know what they’re called, who can I get them from?



Thanks in advance. 

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Tampers, Tamper Strips, Tamper Seals are all common names for them. We use a slightly different adhesive for these that has a higher initial tack response so that they don't peel up. Its not uncommon to even see these foiled and embossed. We print a ton of these everyday, let us know if you would like a sample pack.

Kody Swaim



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