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2- Assistant Distiller at Filibuster Distillery


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Filibuster Is the most awarded craft distillery in the commonwealth. As we continue to grow we are looking to hire 2 assistant distiller for day to day operation. Daily tasks will include Mashing, Distilling, Filling Barrels, Stocking Barrels, and Cleaning and working closely with Master distiller.
Key skills
-Chemistry testing of mash cooks and fermenters; a background in HPLC and GC testing as well as running equipment and troubleshooting.
-Be able to work flexible hours
-Be able to work closely within a small team
-Possess interest in large scale distillery in continues column distillation. 
-Have knowledge concerning fermentation of grain. 
-Have confidence operating pumps, process piping, valves, hoppers, boilers, heat exchangers, and other production equipment
-Be able to operate forklifts, vehicles, and tractors
-Be able to lift up to 50 pounds
-Be safety oriented to protect themselves and their team
-Have the ability to record data using software daily.
Must be a great interpersonal skill and should be able to assist in tasting room when need to. 
Most important is to have attitude to get it done. 


Please contact- 571-425-8402 or email- sorab@filibusterbourbon.com

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